Piedmont, North of Italy


Rich in art and history, nature and culture with a strong culinary tradition, Piedmont is a prominent Italian region.

Rich in art and history, nature and culture with a strong culinary tradition, Piedmont is a prominent Italian region, which has accrued a prestigious name thanks ot its prestigious wines, Barolo, Barbera and Moscato, its aromatic liqueurs including the famous Genepy, Centerbe and its delicious cheeses such as Taleggio and Toma Piemontese. Nature is only one of the many attractions in Piedmont, offering a range of prime destinations such as Monferrato and Langhe areas, dotted with medieval villages and magnificent castles, or Turin, the first capital of Italy and Italian car manufacturing capital, with its impressive history and remarkable cultural heritage and the stunning Mole Antonelliana, the mystical Holy Shroud, the Egyptian Museum and its beautiful squares. Piedmont is particularly renowned for the white truffle of Alba expensive delicacy; Alba is a town located in the province of Cuneo, holding the record for the oldest White Truffle Fair, which takes place every year between October and November.


At Viandando we are passionate about food and wine, so we will make sure you discover the incredible Piedmont through its itineraries dedicated to wine, with our experienced sommeliers and guides, starting with Alto Monferrato, where Brachetto d’Acqui is produced and visiting Langhe and Roero area, where tasting the incredibly delicious and awarded Barbera wine and Dolcetto sweet wine. Indulge in fantastic Piedmont cheeses tasting tours, try our local cold cuts (salumi): many of this region products are absolute excellences and are well known to foreign markets, like the “Nocciola del Piemonte” (Piedmont hazelnut), now a Protected Geographical Indication. Enjoy a memorable experience of truffle hunt and tasting: we can offer a wide range of tailored activities, suitable for beginners, with a superlative dinner based on truffle following the hunt.


Piedmont, a region so incredibly rich in history and attractions, with a vast cultural and artistic heritage offers many castles, stately homes, fortifications and the fabled Savoy (Savoia) residences, amongst which the Royal Palace of Venaria (Reggia di Venaria), reopened to the public in October 2007: discover the unique culture of this area.


Piedmont (/ˈpdmɒnt/ PEED-mont; Italian: Piemonte, pronounced [pjeˈmonte]; Piedmontese, Occitan and Arpitan: Piemont; French: Piémont) is one of the 20 regions of Italy.[3] It has an area of 25,402 square kilometres (9,808 sq mi) and a population of about 4.396 million (7-31-2016). The capital of Piedmont is Turin.

Piedmont is surrounded on three sides by the Alps, including Monviso, where the Po rises, and Monte Rosa. It borders with France (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur), Switzerland (Ticino and Valais) and the Italian regions of Lombardy, Liguria, Aosta Valley and for a very small fragment with Emilia Romagna. The geography of Piedmont is 43.3% mountainous, along with extensive areas of hills (30.3%) and plains (26.4%).

Piedmont is the second largest of Italy‘s 20 regions, after Sicily. It is broadly coincident with the upper part of the drainage basin of the river Po, which rises from the slopes of Monviso in the west of the region and is Italy’s largest river. The Po collects all the waters provided within the semicircle of mountains (Alps and Apennines) which surround the region on three sides.

From the highest peaks the land slopes down to hilly areas, (not always, though; sometimes there is a brusque transition from the mountains to the plains) and then to the upper, and then to the lower great Padan Plain. The boundary between the first and the second is characterised by risorgive springs, typical of the Padan Plain which supply fresh water both to the rivers and to a dense network of irrigation canals.

The countryside is very diversified: from the rugged peaks of the massifs of Monte Rosa and of Gran Paradiso, to the damp rice paddies of Vercelli and Novara, from the gentle hillsides of the Langhe and of Montferrat to the plains. 7.6% of the entire territory is considered protected area. There are 56 different national or regional parks, one of the most famous is the Gran Paradiso National Park located between Piedmont and the Aosta Valley.

Turin hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics.[15]

In football, notable clubs in Piedmont include Turin-based Juventus and Torino, who have won 38 official top-flight league championships (as of the 2014-15 season) between them, the most of any other city in Italy. Other smaller teams include the old “Piedmont Quadrilateral” components Novara, Alessandria, Casale, Pro Vercelli. With the pre-World War II success of Pro Vercelli and the dominance of Torino during the Grande Torino years and Juventus in more recent times, the region is the most successful in terms of championships won.

Other local teams include volleyball teams Cuneo (male) and Asystel Novara (female), basketball teams Biella Basketball and Junior Casale, ice hockey team Hockey Club Turin, and roller hockey side Amatori Vercelli, who have won three league titles, an Italian Cup and two CERS Cups.




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